Pneuflex is a leading reliable and responsible manufacturer of a full line of pneumatic fittings, pneumatic tubing and pneumatic accessories in China. Pneuflex has rich manufacturing experience of almost 20 years. Presently, Pneuflex is supporting distributors and customers from over 30 countries. High quality is our prioprity. Meanwhile, Pneuflex is also providing OEM service for some famous brands.

Pneumatic Fittings

Pneumatic fittings are essential parts that provide linkes between tubings, pipes, hoses and other pneumatic devices in pneumatic system. Pneumatic fittings are typically characterized by tighter seals and lower pressure requirements than hydraulic fittings. Based on the connection type and function, Pneuflex covers a full line of pneumatic fittings, such as push in fittings, one touch fittings, quick coupling, pneumatic silencers, brass pipe fittings and pneumatic valves. Pneumatic fittings prodvide the convenience of connecting and disconnecting tubing.

Pneumatic Tubing

Pneuflex is also manufacturing pneumatic tubing in multiple materials, including polyurethane, nylon, polyethylene and teflon (PTFE). Multiple colors and sizes. All Pneuflex's tubings are made of raw material.