push in hand valves, shut-off valves

Inline hand valves are used for turning airflow on and off for pneumatic devices by simply turning the hand valve cap. Hand valves are equipped with push-in function by which the tubing can be connected and disconnected easily. Directionality of airflow need selecting from the tubing or threaded input side to the tubing or threaded output side.

Pneuflex's inline hand valves have two types:

  • The three-directional (three-way) control valve discharges the residual pressure to the output side (device) when manually closed, which assures safety in repairing, inspecting or adjusting connected devices.
  • The two-directional control (two-way) valve does not have an air discharge mechanism. Two-way valve is suitable for the tank or other devices that does not require a discharging residual pressure.

How Three-way and Two-way hand valves working:

Three-way directional control configuration releases the residual internal pressure on the output side when manually closed.

three-way hand valves working

two-way hand valves working