SPH 04-02 | 4mm Tubing with R 1/4 Thread Male Banjo | SS Push-in Fittings

4mm tubing with R 1/4 thread SS male banjo elbow push-in fittings

Pneuflex SPH 04-02 is a kind of stainless steel male banjo elbow metric air fittings, used to connect 4mm tubing to a female R, PT, BSPT 1/4 thread at a 90° angle. The body has hex head on the top allows tightening with a flat wrench or a socket wrench in confined space, which also can be rotated 360° after installation. Stainless steel male banjo elbow push-in fittings are made to be non corrosive and highly resistant to aggressive environment, as well as corrosive fluids, great for use in the water treatment plants, food & beverage, medical and pharmaceutical industries.