BSL 02 | PT, BSPT, R 1/4 Male Thread Sintered Bronze Silencer

BSL-02 sintered bronze silencer (sintered bronze muffler) is with a PT, R, BSPT 1/4 male thread. The noise absorbing material is made of sintered bronze and the body is made from brass. Sintered bronze silencers are widely used on the exhausts of valves to reduce the noise and filter contaminations. BSL sintered bronze silencer could be externally tightened with a flat wrench or socket wrench.

R 1/4 Sintered Bronze Silencer, Muffler
Male Thread Size: PT, R, BSPT 1/4
Fluid Admitted: Compressed Air
Working Pressure: 0~1.0MPa | 0~150psi
Proof Pressure: 3.0Mpa | 435psi
Working Temperature: -10~80°C | 14~176°F
Body(noise absorbing material): Sintered Bronze
Base(thread): Brass
Sound Pressure Level*: 80dB
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Dimensions of BSL 02 (R, PT, BSPT 1/4) Sintered Bronze Silencer Male Thread

drawing of R 1/4 Sintered Bronze Silencer
Part No. R A B H
BSL 02 R, PT, BSPT 1/4 8mm 27mm 15mm

R 1/4 Thread Sintered Bronze Standard Silencer | BSPT 1/4 Male Thread Sintered Bronze Silencer | Air Muffler

* Sound pressure level measured at 6 bar at 1 m distance.
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