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One Touch Tube Fittings with O-ring (BSPP, G) -- PHX-G Male Delta Branch

BSPP one touch tube fittings (push in fittings) male delta branch is used to connect female thread fittings and four tubes. External tightening with a flat wrench. The thread can be immediately quality sealed by equipping with an O-ring.

BSPP male delta branch, one touch tube fittings  

Metric Tube ØD
4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 15mm 16mm
Inch Tube ØD
1/8" 5/32" 3/16" 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" 1/2"
BSPP, G -- 55° Parallel Pipe Thread
G1/8 G1/4 G3/8 G1/2

Metric Tube (mm)--Thread (BSPP, G)
Part No. Tube ΦD Thread (BSPP, G)
PHX 04-G01 4mm G1/8
PHX 04-G02 4mm G1/4
PHX 06-G01 6mm G1/8
PHX 06-G02 6mm G1/4
PHX 06-G03 6mm G3/8
PHX 06-G04 6mm G1/2
PHX 08-G01 8mm G1/8
PHX 08-G02 8mm G1/4
PHX 08-G03 8mm G3/8
PHX 08-G04 8mm G1/2
PHX 10-G01 10mm G1/8
PHX 10-G02 10mm G1/4
PHX 10-G03 10mm G3/8
PHX 10-G04 10mm G1/2
PHX 12-G02 12mm G1/4
PHX 12-G03 12mm G3/8
PHX 12-G04 12mm G1/2

Inch Tube (inch) --Thread (BSPP, G)
Part No. Tube ΦD Thread (BSPP, G)
PHX 5/32-G01 5/32 G1/8
PHX 5/32-G02 5/32 G1/4
PHX 3/16-G01 3/16 G1/8
PHX 3/16-G02 3/16 G1/4
PHX 3/16-G03 3/16 G3/8
PHX 1/4-G01 1/4 G1/8
PHX 1/4-G02 1/4 G1/4
PHX 1/4-G03 1/4 G3/8
PHX 1/4-G04 1/4 G1/2
PHX 5/16-G01 5/16 G1/8
PHX 5/16-G02 5/16 G1/4
PHX 5/16-G03 5/16 G3/8
PHX 5/16-G04 5/16 G1/2
PHX 3/8-G01 3/8 G1/8
PHX 3/8-G02 3/8 G1/4
PHX 3/8-G03 3/8 G3/8
PHX 3/8-G04 3/8 G1/2
PHX 1/2-G02 1/2 G1/4
PHX 1/2-G03 1/2 G3/8
PHX 1/2-G04 1/2 G1/2


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